is most known for her international bestselling Heart Hassle series. She writes in a range of genres, including dark romances, romantic comedies, contemporary, and fantasy.

Whether she makes you laugh or cry, her words are sure to evoke an emotional response, and she loves connecting with her readers.

Book Event Schedule 

2/1/2020  BABE in Australia 

6/27/2020  RARE in Edinburgh 

11/7/2020 Shameless in Orlando, Florida

Signs of Cupidity

"Excited to recommend this book to my friends, and the bar for that list is set very high, with Jennifer Armentrout, Nalini Singh, Laini Taylor, Stephenie Meyer and a few select others making the list. Raven Kennedy fits right in and is probably the first on the list that has such a funny, witty flavour at its core. Welcome to the list Raven. On to book two!!" 

- Chelsea


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